School Programs Information 2022-23

Programs: Review our program offerings by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Please complete the School Programs Registration Form by using the link at the bottom of the “2022-23 School Programs” page. If you have any questions, please email



We request that you schedule your visit at least 4 weeks in advance. We will send you a confirmation via email as soon as your reservation is processed. Please note: we are unable to schedule visits on Fridays.


$8.00 per student: *Mansion Tour

$8.00 per student for “A Spy or the Wrong Guy?”

$1.00 per student for each additional program. See link at bottom of page.

 *For our Mansion Tours, no more than 30 students may be in the house at one time. If you will be bringing more than 30 students, it will be necessary for us to provide other programs for them, and the price will be increased by $1.00 per student for each program that we must add. If you know that you will be bringing more than 30 students, you may select the additional program(s).

No fee will be charged for teachers or chaperones (in ratio of 1 chaperone for every 10 students). Any additional adults will be charged $8.00. Your payment is required on or before the day of your visit and must include fees for additional adults. Please make check payable to “Rock Ford Foundation.” We also accept major credit cards.


On-site parking is available for your bus, van or car. Cars and vans may park at the barn if necessary.

Late Policy

Please arrive 10 minutes before your activities are scheduled to begin. If your group arrives late, the program schedules will be affected.


Phone Rock Ford 717-392-7223 ext. 103 as soon as possible. We will try to arrange another date for your visit.

Picnics at Rock Ford: Students and chaperones are invited to bring brown-bag lunches and have a picnic on our grounds. We follow the carry-in, carry-out rule. However, we will have trash cans available.


Rock Ford, an Educational Improvement Organization, sincerely thanks Clark Associates Charitable Foundation, Fulton Forward, UGI and John and Susan Garofola for their generous support of our school programming.