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Long Rifles of the American Revolution: How Lancaster County Craftsmen Helped Win the War
by John Kolar

Companion Book to the Special Exhibit

Over 130 pages of text, illustrations and detailed full-color photographs

Hardcover with dust jacket

Printed in Lancaster County, PA

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Long Rifles of the American Revolution: How Lancaster County Craftsmen Helped Win the War

Book info
Flintlock gunsmiths reached the height of their craft in the eighteenth century and provided the weapons America used to open its frontier and win the Revolution. One of America’s foremost flintlock rifle experts, John Kolar has gathered some of the finest examples of early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania rifles for an exhibition at Historic Rock Ford, Lancaster home of General Edward Hand.

Much has already been said and many books have explored the flintlock rifle of the 18th century. Pennsylvania is rightfully its home, but this book, and the exhibit which it represents, places Lancaster County, then the frontier of the Pennsylvania colony, firmly at the center of that particular gunsmithing trade. The gunsmiths of Lancaster County supplied not only America’s westward expansion, but also the riflemen of the War of Independence. These amazing examples of early technology display the formidable skill and craft of a few master tradesmen who took the rifle from its earliest form—the German Jaeger rifle—through 100 years to its zenith at the beginning of a new century.

About John Kolar
John Kolar is an independent author who has written numerous articles about historical subjects for various national publications. He has a BSME and as such has applied his scientific knowledge to the study of antiques. Although a successful entrepreneur and businessman, his first love has always been American history. Since 1980 he has been a collector and a dealer of Americana and has helped some well-known collectors and institutions acquire important objects as well as entire collections. In 2012, Kolar was a guest curator for the national award-winning “Lancaster Long Rifle Exhibit” for PHMC and co-authored the book "The Lancaster Long Rifle."

Some comments received from satisfied purchasers:

The book is gorgeous! A standing ovation to all who made it happen. As a one-time printer and a bibliophile, my assessment is that it could not have been better...Thank you for the fine book and all the hard work that went into producing it. - Dick Gadler, member, Kentucky Rifle Association

[The book] is beautiful and I was surprised to see Don Trioani's images in it. He's one of America's premier artist for military themed paintings (but you guys knew that of course). I especially appreciate the color images of the Edward Marshall "Long Walk" rifle...Thank you again and well done to all hands. - Gary Yee Aguilar

[The book] is a nice overview of early Lancaster County and includes a few rifles I don't remember seeing in previous publications. It makes a great addition to my library on American longrifles. - Anonymous, Hastings, MI


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